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Moments of Faith Grab Bag

Moments of Faith Grab Bag

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My story of redemption is unique in that I never grew up in faith but at 16 was exposed to a Christ-centered life through friends from school. That same year I'd be baptized and within a year my life would shatter. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and by the time I was 18 and enlisted in the military - she was gone. But my mother who I'd always known to be tough as nails and capable of enduring great trials. After all she moved to America from Scotland on her own when she was just 17 in hope of a better life... she never knew Christ, not in the time that her and I could enjoy a relationship together with Him. Yet in her final months her friend, ironically named Hope would share the Gospel to her and save her soul. My mom knew Christ and died in his arms now living eternally pain free in the bounty that is Heaven. You'd think this would seal the deal for me right - God is good. God is real. God is... nope. My 18 year old heart prayed for miracles and received at the time what I thought was, nothing. Now I won't go into the full story - I've already written so much, but God has a sense of humor and always a story. See I entered the Army as a Chaplain's Assistant. Yeah - I worked IN A CHURCH literally every day and most definitely on Sundays. My life saw ups and downs with my relationship to God but He never dropped me, though if I'm honest, He had every right to at least 100 times over. Fast forward to now - I'm happily married with 2 amazing kids and my husband, you know him as Jordan, believes in something but isn't sure about this whole "God" guy.

That was until the world shattered over COVID-19. Now reminder he too was in the Army and saw many horrific things in his deployments and through his job as a police officer (God bless those who serve!) but then it happened! One day while on the couch here at home the conversation turned to the need to know Christ and to be baptized. I've known the man for 7+ years and while we've explored faith several times over, I never pushed but God gently led him on the path which was straight.

I say all this to you because the only thing I know to be true each and every night when my head hits the pillow is that God is good - even when life is not. So what my husband and I decided to do was to create a small focus (item) that can be brought into your home so that you can enjoy further a relationship and study with Christ. This isn't to indoctrinate anyone or to be something you live by. We simply wanted to create a small reason to take you a step further in exploring your relationship with God and enjoying some time "talking" with him. This bag can be shared with others and it makes the perfect gift!

So what do you get and what is the plan?
Right now we plan to release a new candle and study each new season. Each season the candle will be a new scent poured into our 9oz candle tin and with it's new label each time displaying a new Bible verse from the discussion included. That's right! Each bag includes a 1 page do-it-yourself reconnect mini Bible/devotional study created by my husband and I.

Limited batches are made so once they sell out they are out until the next round and new verse/study.


Soy wax produced in the United States. Cotton wick with paper core and a phthalate free oil blend for scent.

Care information

Candles like to burn with company. So remember, never leave your candle burning unattended. Be sure to burn your candle only when you have the time to allow the melt pool (the melted wax) to reach the sides of the jar. Otherwise you candle may tunnel. Wicks should be trimmed of any mushrooming or excess length before each burn after the initial burn.

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I have found my purpose.

And that purpose calls me "mom". If I've learned anything over the past few years, it's that the time I spend with my children is priceless. The love, the pride, the faith, the respect...what I'm pouring into them each moment of the day is not only worth it - but the very reason my work ethic exists. My success means my family can have what it needs. It means Henry can have the support and therapeutic tools he deserves. So I say to you - I hope our products, my candles, bring a quality to your life that you've not felt before. Because your support brings a quality to my life that I can't do without. Thank you for supporting small business because it's not just about making good candles, it's about raising good people.