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Life Moments Candle Co.

12oz. Flowers for the Table

12oz. Flowers for the Table

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Burns best: kitchens, bathrooms and small living spaces.

There's something about having freshly cut flowers arranged in all their color and beauty sitting on a table in your home. We wanted to bring that feeling a bit of longevity with a new year-round candle that embodies the freshness of Spring and joy of receiving a gift. Our blend here was specifically modeled off the flower, Hyacinth.


Made year round.




Soy wax produced in the United States. Cotton wick with paper core and a phthalate free oil blend for scent.

Care information

Candles like to burn with company. So remember, never leave your candle burning unattended. Be sure to burn your candle only when you have the time to allow the melt pool (the melted wax) to reach the sides of the jar. Otherwise you candle may tunnel. Wicks should be trimmed of any mushrooming or excess length before each burn after the initial burn.

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I have found my purpose.

And that purpose calls me "mom". If I've learned anything over the past few years, it's that the time I spend with my children is priceless. The love, the pride, the faith, the respect...what I'm pouring into them each moment of the day is not only worth it - but the very reason my work ethic exists. My success means my family can have what it needs. It means Henry can have the support and therapeutic tools he deserves. So I say to you - I hope our products, my candles, bring a quality to your life that you've not felt before. Because your support brings a quality to my life that I can't do without. Thank you for supporting small business because it's not just about making good candles, it's about raising good people.