Our Retail Store is under new management!

March 4th our new manager Katie will be heading operations as well as launching her own business, Birds of Feather Boutique which carries local artisan designs and crafts - including us! While we no longer maintain the store, our candles will remain available for purchase and our local Candle Club membership will remain. However we are not accepting new members accept under our $20 a month mail-to option. To read more about our decision and changes read below.

Looking for us?

New years are full of fresh starts and fresh ideas, but that doesn't mean we're kicking our best selling brand to the curb! Life Moments Candle Co will continue to be proudly sold online. As well as in a select few stores. Interested in selling our candles in your shop? Email us at lifemomentscandleco@yahoo.com and let's have a conversation.

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2023 Important Announcement

It is with a heavy heart we announce our store's closing. Please click the button below to read a more detailed description and information on next steps. We will reopen for our anniversary/closing sale February 6th through the 25th. We will then remain as a vendor in our current Womelsdorf space under the management of Katie, owner of Birds of a Feather. We will also continue to sell in Purple Robin Reserve in downtown Lititz. Our intention is to pull back, reduce over head and build our business back up to to what it was pre-COVID. The best way to currently do this is returning to online.

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Each month our Candle of the Month members are given 4 options to choose from as their monthly candle. If no choice is given we automatically send a candle for them.

  • Option #1, Spring Blossoms

    Calling all you Lilac lovers! Spring has sprung - or at least we hope it does soon, and now YOU can have Spring inside anytime with one of our best selling seasonal candles. No frill or extras, just a beautiful lilac.

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  • Option #2, Blanket Forts

    When we think about our childhood one of the first memories imagined by many is building forts! Whether outside or inside this magical space away from the day to day was little minds escape from the world. Bring back that same fondness with a soft and slightly sweet linen smell with the comfort of home. Bonus! Your house will smell like clean laundry without having to start the washer or dryer - win!

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  • Option #3,

    Nothing is more inspirational then a fresh start. What's a beginning without a sunrise! Our PA Sunrise candle is a wonderful option to the start of your new season with a slight "fall" hint to it it's combination of a baked good and fresh scent.

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  • Option #4 (always), Happy Birthday

    Because birthdays are year-round so is our Happy Birthday candle as an option for you! If you don't like any of the scents we can almost assure you that you will enjoy this one - OR will need it to bless someone in your life. Birthdays aren't to be forgotten, spread the love and pass along a Happy Birthday candle to someone in your life. Sprinkles included free of charge. This particular candle is always in our Top 5 for year-round best selling scents. It's buttery, cake like and the touch of lemon just takes it next level.

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What's new?

Check out 2 new products featured below and many more to come!

I'd like you to meet Henry.

  • 1 in 44 children

    Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological developmental disability related to brain development that impacts how a person perceives and socializes with others. Often this causes problems in social interactions and with communication. The disorder can also include limited and repetitive patterns of behavior. Some Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) people have known differences that display themselves through a genetic condition. While others don't. At this time there is no cure for Autism and there is no one-size fits all treatment either. Individuals with Autism also face other health conditions as well. For instance they are nearly 8x more likely to suffer from one or more chronic gastrointestinal disorders. As many as one-third of individuals with Autism also suffer from epilepsy (seizure disorder), while new studies suggest that schizophrenia affects between 4 and 35% of individuals with Autism. At this time no one can accurately pin point why there has been such a drastic rise in the Autism numbers over the past few years - but everyone agrees that it's cause is likely environmental.

  • Isn't an Autistic individual gifted?

    While Hollywood through the portrayal of TV shows like "The Good Doctor" would have you believe that those with an Autism diagnosis are all high functioning super smart geniuses with a few quirks. The reality is that Autism CAN be this but it also CAN be far more severe, debilitating for some even. The worst thing that's happened to us as a society today is this glorification of disease, disorder and disability. This isn't to say that a beautiful story can't be told through a cancer diagnosis. Or a person's life can't change positively with the birth of their child who has Downs Syndrome. What I mean is we have individuals out there - internet trolls even - who put their condition out there to social media with a celebrity status and then they down play or gaslight individuals or families who have the same diagnosis but more severe. Autism and the Autism community is a perfect example of this with the hashtag #ActuallyAutistic becoming viral almost overnight with individuals both diagnosed and self diagnosed showing off their fidget toys and sensory items while relying their struggles of this and that before they or their following in the same breath bash a family for expressing their emotional struggle. The problem isn't Autism. The problem, is people. Autism has a spectrum that can be as simple as someone having sensory integration issues to a person unable to speak or pick themselves up out of a wheel chair. Our son is not The Good Doctor version of Autism. Nor is he the #ActuallyAutistic version either. He is moderate to severe and struggles from basic lifestyle skills, to toileting, relationships, and communication. Henry while diagnosed "verbal" chooses often times NOT to speak. We are helping him to find his best form of communication which currently spans the board of language, AAC and ASL. With that said - is he gifted? As a mother of course the answer is yes. As an educator for him, I see where he excels above children his age. Will he work for NASA one day? Only God knows my son's path. I simply pray for the knowledge and wherewithal to be able to discern for him as choices need to be made. My hope is one day my son will be able to explain Autism to me - to the world perhaps. Until then, I advocate and speak for him. With respect. And with a lot of love.

  • Why this platform?

    I'm choosing to share our life openly with Autism for a few reasons, but the 3 main reasons are: 1) If I'd known a family like ours while working through our first few years with Autism, maybe there would of been less heartache - tears - financial strain. I hope to help families like ours, be it with references or resources. Be it with some financial support, or even just an ear to listen because the road is long but the journey is so important. I want to insure that a voice is given to those families and those individuals who aren't heard from in the main stream media. 2) To be present with my son. If I had to work a regular 9 to 5 that means someone else is in charge of his care, his safety, his happiness...and we've tried that. It didn't work (not that it can't for some), this business is a blessing that's allowed me to give my son the care, time and energy he needs to be successful. It's also hopefully a place that he can work for/with one day - to contribute to society and feel as though he has a sense of purpose. 3) That the works of God might be displayed through him (Henry), my family and my life. If what we go through isn't shared - then my testimony, my child's testimony, our family's testimony isn't know. God is working miracles constantly in and through our lives. I want people to hear that. I want as many as will listen to know - God is good, and he is with us.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is the big deal with soy wax?

One of the big perks of a soy wax candle is it that it's non toxic and cleaner burning. It's produced without carcinogens or pollutants which means that the candles we make are less likely to trigger allergies. They also will produce far less soot then big box brand candles + you are supporting the hard work of US farmers.

Do you use essential oils?

The short answer is "no" but before you click away with a sigh I'd love for you to consider this. While essential oils are amazing for you - they were never truly intended to be burned. In fact many will recommend NOT burning essential oils but instead diffusing. Essential oils have a much lower flash point and therefore all the good stuff about them + their lovely scent get burnt off too quickly in a candle. Not to mention some essential oils can be unhealthy to burn. Now the term "fragrance" umbrellas a lot and for that I'm sorry - I wish there was something else we could call it, but it's the truth. Not all fragrances are bad. Many are! The oils we use a tested and of the highest quality. They are phthalate free and many are derived from essential oils which is why their scent is so accurate.

I'm interested in custom candles for my ( fill in the blank ), how do I order?

I love custom work! I always have. I'm able to do your entire project from start to finish, all in house! I've done everything from branded candles for businesses to sell, to corporate end of the year gifts, wedding favors, baby shower gifts, bridal party gifts, fundraisers and much more! Best thing to do is to reach out to me, you can scroll to the bottom of the site to do so. Estimates are free!

Explain to me how the Candle of the Month Club works?

It's a great way to never run out of candles. Each month a candle is delivered to your door - you can opt to be surprised OR you can respond to our monthly email, or simply check the website to choose from that month's 4 options. If we don't hear from you we automatically send the newest candle or the best seller. There's even an option scent survey that's sent out to you a few days after your initial subscription charge. This survey helps me to send candles we think you'll like - and none you won't. Though this isn't guaranteed, I try my best! Just remember your billing date is the day you sign up. Sign up on the 5th? You'll be charged that day for that month and then your billing/payment date going forward is also the 5th. Your candle ships roughly 1 to 5 business days AFTER your monthly charge.

I read your son has Autism. When did you find out and why do you share so much within your business about it?

Autism is as much my whole life as it's nothing to my life and because of this my business inadvertently supports my son's life. I am thankful for the work I have and the customers that keep this train on the track because without it my son would likely not have as much of the resources that he needs. Autism is an expensive medical disability but it's also one (in our case) that requires 24/7 care. Having my own from home business allows me to be there for him.

I heard you do candle fundraisers, how does this work?

I love helping when I can and a candle fundraiser is a fun way to rally support. I've hosted and helped in over 50 since I started fundraiser work back in 2020. Best thing to do is reach out to me via the contact form at the bottom of the website. I do have a few options from a completely hands on approach to hands off. Design is included along with the option of a scent(s).

I saw somewhere that you homeschool your kids? What made you choose this option for your family and how is it going?

Yes! We started in 2020 and haven't looked back. Our intention is to now home school all 3 of our children but for right now we have one about to go into 5th grade and one, Henry, just starting out. It's been rewarding and impactful on my life. I'm grateful for this business to allow me the freedom to be there for my children.

Your husband and you are both Veterans, what made you start a candle company?

My husband and I served at the same time in the Army but didn't meet until we both got out of the service (2012) which was for us, 2014 in Florida. We did the 9 to 5 thing but eventually I feel into business simply by applying myself after researching "how to make my own candle". I realized how bad many of the candles on the market are for you and started making my own for fun, then for business, then convinced my husband to quit his job and work for ours and handle shipping and receiving - then eventually wax melts and now since having our daughter in July of 2022. He makes candles too. We are best friends and we adore our kids. This gives us a quiet life to live together enjoying what we love - life, each other and our children. God is good.

You have a lot more Christian inspired items now, when did this shift occur?

You can thank 2020 for that. While I typically lean on the side of don't talk politics or religion... the past 2 or 3 years has really blown that out of the water. And while I usually try to keep my personal opinion to myself - I decided I couldn't keep my faith to myself. It was important for me to fill the gap I was seeing and simply just be Christian. So I live my life confidently Christian, but no means am I perfect. By all means I disagree with alot of things but I'm here to show grace, mercy and love. My husband was baptized in 2020 as a direct result of the evil that had/has been shown. So now I'm determined in a world where you can so readily find evil - I want to be good. I hope you see that.

House on a Rock? Why not stick with Life Moments Candle Co?

Back in 2016 when we officially launched our business - my husband and I formed a partnership. And Life Moments Candle Co actually formed in 2019 as a line of candles we'd started making leading us to open up locally our own retail store. Since this time in our lives however MUCH as changed and so we dissolved our partnership (don't worry Jordan and I are still very much married and in love!) and I opened my own LLC. House on a Rock comes from Matthew 7:24-27 which reminds us that the wise man build his house on the rock, a firm foundation. The word of God. While the foolish man builds his house on sand. While the foolish man may be quicker in his course, in the long run the house will fall. My intention is to grow this business now with God's intention for my life at the center of it, I'm glad your here to come along on the journey.

Accepting prayer requests, questions and wholesale inquiries